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Donald C. Fisher give you spiritual direction in these Books, Audio CDs and Videos.

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Every prayer request receives loving, compassionate attention. Please know we are here for you and that you are never alone.

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To help others believe in a “God who loves us the most when we deserve it the least!“

Catholic Ministry

Father Tom Allender Catholic Ministry has been a dynamic vocation that Father Tom Allender S.J.and Donald C. Fisher have worked very hard at for over 30 years to reach people who “need God’s love the most when they deserve it the least”. Father Tom Allender Catholic Ministry has helped thousands of people become honest with themselves and realize they don’t have to walk alone as “we are all in this together”. Father Tom Allender S.J. has reached out to all. Father Tom Allender Catholic Ministry, along with Don Fisher, bring into our busy lives Jesus’ teachings in a practical way that we all can understand and apply to our everyday lives.

Father Tom Allender Catholic Ministry has taken him throughout the United States and Canada to over 2000 churches. Father Tom Allender’s and Don Fisher’s book “God Loves an Unmade Bed”, as well as their wide variety of CD materials, continues to help many Christians improve their relationship with themselves, their families and God. “God Loves an Unmade Bed” was written to help people grow from their mistakes and transcend guilt, fear and anger. It is rated 5 Stars and has sold over 60,000 copies.

Father Tom Allender S.J. and Pope Francis both became Jesuits the same day. Father Tom shares Pope Francis’ beliefs that Christians need to reach out to those in need. Father Tom Allender Catholic Ministry has dedicated itself to challenging Christians to reach out to those who felt excluded or lost and make a difference in those less fortunate.

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